"Susan Warren is one of the most upbeat presenters that I have ever met. Susan exudes excitement and she always makes learning fun. Given her ample experience as a manager and a leader, she excels at helping others understand how to apply new ideas and concepts into their work roles. I have observed Susan present her research at several international conferences -- she is highly skilled at communicating across cultures. She has the rare ability to be able to interpret research and complex ideas, and then explain these concept so others can use them in practice. She is very down-to-earth and she can relate to people from all walks of life."

Gene Roth
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Northern Illinois University

"Working with Susan over the years, I have observed her presentation skills and feel that the information she provides her audience is exceptional.

As Post Office Operations Manager (POOM) for the Central Illinois District for five years and overseeing 935 employees with a $66 Million dollar budget, I often requested Susan to conduct seminars with Postmasters in my area. These seminars included providing the Postmasters with identifying goals they wanted to achieve and then dissecting a step by step process to attain those goals. Susan was given the responsibility of improving employee opinions and concerns for the entire district (which was approximately 12,000 employees). These improvements were achieved, first by providing detailed information to those responsible for the employees environment. Secondly, once the information was shared with responsible managers, it provided them with a "blue print", so to speak, of where to begin their improvements. Which ranged anywhere from cosmetic improvements within the postmasters individual offices, to identifying specific managers who may or may not be conducive to a healthy operation.

Susan often provided one on one coaching on many occassions to specific individuals identified by me when deemed appropriate. Susan would set schedules and agenda items based the data generated by the individual office. Susan would then provide graphs of the information to be tracked and reviewed by all of the staff. This information was extremely helpful to the managers in identifying where they needed to focus their attention.

Susan's assistance resulted in my Area moving from last place within the District to within the top three areas within the District. Her skills are exemplary."

Lolita D. Rice
Post Office Operations Manager (retired 2008)
Central Illinois District

"Susan is bright, witty and her presentations are energizing. I have been enlightened by her fascinating and informative style. Ms. Warren stays focused with a positive and refreshing outlook to today’s business environment. The knowledge that she conveys is creative and memorable. Attending her class was a rewarding experience and her lessons were easily transferable to the workplace."

Georgia L. Burress, Registrar
William F. Bolger Center for Leadership Development

"I have known Susan through my work in NAPS for 23 years at all levels of the NAPS organization. Susan always displayed a positive attitude that was contagious with everyone she worked with. She always took the time to listen to members and provide them with guidance, support or a shoulder to lean on. Susan was a leader in NAPS at a time when women did not hold high level positions in our organization. Susan has been an outstanding role model for women in our organization and continues to support the NAPS organization even though she has retired from the Postal Service."

Jay Killackey, National Secretary/Treasurer
National Association of Postal Supervisors

"Susie is not only a special person and teacher she makes everyone else feel special and wonderful."

Louis Atkins, National Vice President
National Association of Postal Supervisors

"With her didactic messages, energetic presentation style and zeal for helping and motivating others, Susan Warren is an enchanting instructor who keeps her audience hanging on to every word. Her perspective on managing people to achieve corporate goals is innovative and applicable to the 21st century business world."

Nancy L. Wesley, ThD

"I have had the opportunity to hear presentations given by Ms Warren on a number of occasions. I have always been impressed by her sincerity and tenacity. From her first sessions over twenty years ago to her more recent trainings she was engaging and entertaining. She kept my interest with her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject. Sign me up if she's the presenter!"

Rhonda Heller
Postmaster (Retired) Metamora IL 61548
Past National Secretary -- National League of Postmasters (1993-1997)

"Susan Warren is practical and insightful in her ability to apply research and best practices in approaching the important issues. She is an empowering and enthusiastic lecturer. I had the opportunity to attend one of Susan’s seminars in Denver, and took away many things that have helped me in my role as an educator, and as a leader. Whether in teaching, management, or public administration, Susan can offer information, strategies, and informed advice on how to make you and your business grow and succeed."

Dr. Thomas D. Cox
Assistant Professor of Higher and Adult Education
Teaching & Coordinating the MA in Adult Education
University of Houston

"Susan has given motivational seminars during my career that were very helpful. She gave you an up lifting out look on your job, which made you feel inspired to put more effort into your job and feel better doing it. She always had a smile and cheerful attitude making you feel things would be alright."

Winnifred (Quick) Beers
Retired Postmaster Homer, Il.

"As a member of the Illinois Branch of the National League of Postmasters, I have had the pleasure of being in attendance at several of Susan Warren's presentations during our state conventions. One of the subjects that Susan was tasked with addressing at numerous meetings was the Voice of the Employee survey. Our company was experiencing low scores in employee approval and wanted to change that. This could have been a very dry subject, but Susan was able to present it in a way that was entertaining as well as informative. We have also been able to call on Susan to be the master of ceremonies at our banquets. Her sense of humor and her infectious laugh is loved by all who hear her."

Patti Sadnick State President National League of Postmasters

"Susan Warren is an awesome speaker. Susan thoroughly researches her topic, so that she is able to present many facts, yet interject humor and related stories to keep the attention of all listeners. Both those hiring Susan, and those attending Susan's presentations will be impressed with her style, her knowledge, and her delivery."

Judy Carlson,
Postmaster and Treasurer of the Illinois Branch of the National League of Postmasters

"Susan is brilliant, insightful, and humorous. She offers an enlightening, captivating point of view on today’s business world. I have had the opportunity to work with Susan and can say she is truly a dynamic leader, educator, consultant and presenter."

Roberta Williams, L.M.F.T.,
Organizational Development Analyst

"Susan is a dynamic presenter and electrifies her audiences. She is interesting and polished in her presentations. Her years of experience burst forth in her presentations and are great tools in a workplace."


"I have had the opportunity to work with Susan on many occasions through the years. Susan is energetic, highly creative and a very effective presenter. She is also very successful at developing classes and course work. She has an exceptional ability to connect with the people in her classes. Participants leave with a smile on their face."

Cathy Worlow, Director of Human Resources
Supply Chain Services International

"I have known Susan Warren since the early 80s when she was Training Manager at the Peoria Post Office. Having both participated as a student, and in recent years as a co-facilitator when she was involved as Team Leader in our 7-Habits of Highly Effective People training sessions, and later as Coordinator for our VOE (Voice of Employee) survey initiatives, Ms Warren has been a role model for what can only be defined as "Superior Trainer and Accomplished Leader."

She is intelligent, enthusiastic, hard working, loyal, and committed to doing whatever she can to ensure course objectives and learning principles are accomplished within preset timeframes. An admirable talent of her class preparation and presentation is her ability to think outside-the-box, and be uniquely creative through visual, verbal, and vocal expressions which clearly communicates the training message to every audience on the receiving end. When students leave her class, they are not only educated in the material they needed to learn, but are revitalized with renewed strength and purpose to meet whatever challenges may confront them.

It has been a distinct privilege to have known and worked with Susan throughout the many years I've known her, and her upbeat, positive spin on encouraging others to do whatever it takes - has been an inspiration to all who have had the opportunity to participate in her sessions. Her determined sense of purpose - coupled with an inherent ability to captivate an audience - has energized all class participants with the "can do" attitude she originally hoped to instill. I have every confidence that Susan Warren will be successful at whatever goals she sets her sights on accomplishing."

Phil Foronda,
Manager of Training Bedford Park IL

“The most valuable resource in any organization is their human capital. No one understands this more than Susan Warren. Her years of experience along with her demonstrated high level of performance have proven she has the ability to motivate, train, manage, lead, and develop people in order to maximize their effectiveness as well as that of their various organizations. I have personally had the pleasure of witnessing her successes in these activities.”

Richard A. Glass
CLRS, 2008 Michigan State University
Postmaster, Decatur IL
CID VOE Coordinator

"I have had the pleasure to interact with Susan for nearly fifteen years, in a number of different capacities. Her positive attitude, interpersonal skills, and vast experience enable her to successfully moderate focus groups and training sessions, incorporating the audience with the message conveyed. She is always well-prepared, and utilizes humor to make the events fun and relevant for all involved."

Morrie Smith
Postmaster, Champaign, IL
President, Illinois NAPUS Chapter #6

"Susan K. Warren is a wonderful presenter, an analytic problem solver, and a thorough and thoughtful researcher. She brings to any situation a broad understanding of workplace issues and the continually changing contexts that can affect them. Additionally, she is wonderful to work with."

Amy D. Rose, Ed.D.
Professor, Adult and Higher Education
Northern Illinois University

"Susan Warren brought energy, excitement and commitment to our meetings and teleconferences. She was a great facilitator always prepared, organized and provided excellent feedback to employees and management team."

Earl Clement
Manager Post Office Operations
Central Illinois District - Area 3

"Susan Warren and I co-facilitated a forty hour Career Counseling sessions at the Postal Service Training Center at Oakbrook, IL for a four year period. Susan was a superb instructor. She was always knowledgeable of her class material and with her wonderful personality she could blend humor with the specifics being taught. She was patient with the class members and was rewarded with their respect for her. It was a pure joy assisting her in the training classroom."

Kenneth W. Thomas
Retired Manager, Training
Omaha, Nebraska