Susan can help clients replicate successful efforts and duplicate best practices in areas involving people, their work, work values, and discretionary efforts. By blending experience, education, personal research and intervention, she is able to tailor the following, or combinations of the following, to meet her client needs.  Here are examples of some of the courses she teaches:

Interpersonal Skills Training Seminars The Power of Persuasion and Negotiation in the Workplace
Building a Personal Roadmap to Success Building Strong Cohesive Teams
Managing Conflict/Dealing with Difficult Behavior in the Workplace Effective Presentation Skills for Managers
Managing in an Environment of Change Operations Management & Analytical Skills for the Contemporary Manager

Susan is able to custom design courses and / or curriculums that will provide training solutions to organizations.  She is also able to consult with management to provide recommendations for a more effective and efficient operation that will delight the customer and deliver bottom line results.