Course Descriptions

Building Strong Cohesive Teams

In today’s economy, managers can no longer be “content” with the old standards for measuring group performance and effectiveness. We must see beyond what is being accomplished currently and envision what might more might be achieved. There are some managers who can improve productivity by establishing a climate where people are willing to give their best and thrive as a team member. Learn how to be that manager and encourage your employees to work in strong, cohesive teams.

Team members recognize that both personal and team goals are best achieved through mutual support. Engaged team members feel a true sense of ownership for their jobs and their contributions to the organization’s mission and vision. This will be discussed through job aids, pertinent handouts, interactive exercises and case study evaluation.


  • Learn the difference between a group and a team build

  • Assemble Inclusive & Cross Functional Solutions

  • Be aware of all stakeholders both internal & external

  • Create Collaboration with resistant stakeholders

  • Understand & apply leadership techniques

  • Enjoy the rewards of team performance

Team building is a valuable tool that will help improve productivity and help both the team & organization meet and exceed its objectives.