Course Descriptions

Building a Personal Roadmap to Success

Aristotle said, “Know Thyself”. To begin to build one’s personal roadmap a person must know his/her strengths and where she/he has an opportunity for improvement. She/he must then make a personal decision as to where they would like to focus their energies. Therefore, some of the participants may require pre-course work. That can be accomplished through blended learning. The student will look introspectively and the tools provided will be invaluable in helping each participant launch their own journey of Self Discovery.

The next step, as Dr. Stephen Covey presents, is to “Begin with the End in Mind”. Discussion will center on goal establishment & attainment. Know where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Some members of the group may realize that the road that is chosen is under construction so at that time they will explore the detours available to them.

This course can be challenging yet purposeful. It is very personally rewarding for the instructor. She has witnessed many “aha” moments and watched “the light bulb flare” to light the path of the learner.

Session Objectives:

  • Define what a person wants in life and discover how to get it
  • Learn how to establish life goals
  • Determine the best tools to use to attain those goals
  • Uncover possible pitfalls to your plan and readjust accordingly
  • Ascertain one’s own Roadmap to Success

These new tools, instruments and techniques will help the participant create their own personal journey to success.