Course Descriptions

Effective Presentation Skills for Managers

Each person is unique. There is a wide variety of employees in the workplace, all of which may learn and interpret data differently. Because of this factor, it is beneficial for the manager to present information in a multi-media format. This will then enhance the possibility of greater understanding and learning for individual employees with different learning styles and sensory perceptions.

This presents a huge opportunity for a manager to stand up and deliver a keynote speech to members of the organization, or give a sales presentation to a prospective client or talk with a group of new employees at an orientation session. This course will help one be better prepared to deliver in any one of those scenarios.

Upon completion the participant will be able to present in a professional manner by following the guidelines and hints suggested in this program.


  • Know your audience

  • Learn how to plan and design an effective presentation

  • Prepare for both an oral and visual talk

  • Be able to concisely facilitate meetings and convey information

  • Use a variety of visual media/aids

  • Feel more at ease when asked to deliver a presentation

With these new tools and techniques managers will become better equipped to give a more professional, effective and dynamic delivery.