Course Descriptions

The Power of Persuasion and Negotiation in the Workplace

People who are able to persuade and/or negotiate are able to turn the abstract into a tangible asset in the companies for which they work. Yes, when beneficial ideas are put into valuable business solutions that is a true plus for the organization. The challenge is to become more persuasive when presenting company ideas and to be an excellent negotiator when implementing new strategies to resistant employees.

This session will provide participants with the tools they will need for successful negotiation through a review of instruments, role playing and other interactive exercises.

Session Objectives:

  • Recognize& clarify workplace persuasion techniques

  • Learn that persuasion is not manipulation but a synthesis of skills

  • Identify more easily the opportunities for negotiation

  • Differentiate the importance of determining what is needed compared to what is wanted

  • Build credibility by being trustworthy & competent

  • Recognize why thorough preparation is essential for either a negotiation or persuasive presentation

  • Be able to employ a variety of negotiation strategies

  • Enter negotiations with a win/win mentality

These new tools and techniques will enable the participant to sharpen persuasion ability and use and effective negotiation process.