Course Descriptions

Operations Management & Analytical Skills for the Contemporary Manager

The major tools for the contemporary manager are action plans, prioritized to enhance available skill pools and maximize available resources. This seminar provides ways of seeing and merging workplace data toward those ends. The workshop also introduces ways of gaining knowledge of operations by developing short-term and long-term action plans that accomplish operational/unit objectives while optimizing available resources.

Participants will learn how to examine, scrutinize & merge workplace data. Synchronize and evaluate the amount and capabilities of human capital for proper allocation of duties. Examine operational goals and then prioritize. These tasks will assist in managing resources efficiently within time constraints

Objectives of this session are as follows:

  • Learn how to take anticipatory action to address potential operational challenges

  • Discover how and when to seek out best practices in operational efficiency and replicate those best practices

  • Develop and continually use standards for evaluating work quality while placing follow-up operations in a position to succeed.

  • Review operational data, then improve operational plan with employee input for innovative strategies and ideas. When the plan is shared it makes the employee a partner in the endeavor

  • Learn to consistently meet deadlines through review, evaluation and feedback for setting realistic goals in achieving operational objectives

  • Expand innovation to assemble and deploy resources to solve problems