Course Descriptions

Managing Conflict/Dealing with Difficult Behavior in the Workplace

Often time we hear of a course called Resolving Workplace Conflict or Solving Workplace Problems. We as managers cannot always resolve the conflict within the workplace or solve every problem. As a very experienced manager even I was unable to have a 100% resolution in each instance. This material will help the participant become much more adept at managing conflict and challenges as they occur within the workplace.

Participants will have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment, study the personality traits of others and learn how to improve the work environment through a series of interactive exercises.


  • Learn to deal with behavior and avoid labeling an employee as a “bad apple”
  • Realize that one’s response can result in either achieving a positive result or deriving an unproductive outcome
  • Learn how to accentuate the positive
  • Employ new personal self-control techniques
  • Recognize personality types and learn how to motivate them

With these new tools and techniques in your toolkit you will soon begin to enjoy the benefits of a more productive, harmonious workplace.