Course Descriptions

Managing in an Environment of Change

According to Ralph Marston, change is a crucial and ever-present part of life, and it is here to stay. Learn to embrace change. Although it can represent a formidable challenge, it can bring great opportunity like life itself. Make change your friend, through effort, awareness, commitment and confidence, and it will continually bring you abundant rewards.
This course will identify and communicate sound reasons for change which encompass the core purpose of the organization for which you are employed so that all functions work together to meet strategic needs.

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be better able to

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to achieve an acceptable vision of change.

  • Encourage ownership and responsibility for the change to inspire acceptance and engagement with all participants.

  • Allow the needed change inspire employee commitment.

  • Accept the consequences both positive and negative for change implementation.

  • Improve operational efficiency by “effectively” implementing change.