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Thank you for visiting the SKW Consulting website.  Susan Warren served as a respected member of the U. S. Postal Service workforce for thirty years as a manager.

Currently, Susan K Warren is a member of Chapter 0090 for the SCORE Association. She has also been the past Chapter Chair and Research Librarian for the SCORE. Its mission is to grow successful small businesses across America one business at a time. Susan says it is a privilege to volunteer with SCORE to assist small businesses to maximize their success and enhance the small business community within Peoria and surrounding area.

Susan is a member of the Heart of Illinois Board of the American Society of Training and Development. Susan states that she finds it rewarding to coach and mentor bright upcoming individuals in the field of Human Resource Development. Because Susan describes herself as a lifelong learner, she is learning from these young professionals as well as contributing nuggets from her years of experience. Susan served on the Executive Board for years holding most all offices including the Presidency.

Susan is a member of Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) and in 2010 she co-presented a paper entitled “IMPACT OF A DOWN ECONOMY ON ADULT LEARNING” in Hungary at the 11th International Conference on Human Resource Development. She has also presented at past conferences in the Asian and America’s Corridors.

AHRD mission is to:

  • Develop a community of interest recognized as a global human resource development center of excellence that promotes ethical research and practice.
    Influence and encourage the creation and systematic study of theories, processes, and techniques that advance human resource development.
    Foster research-practice linkages.
    Disseminate knowledge of human resource development theories, processes, and techniques.
  • Encourage the incorporation of research results into HRD degree and professional development programs.
  • Provide fellowship for individuals with scholarly and professional interests in human resource development.

Susan is a member of American Association of Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) and has presented at the last five conferences. The mission is to provide leadership for the field of adult and continuing education by expanding opportunities for adult growth and development; unifying adult educators; fostering the development and dissemination of theory, research, information, and best practices; promoting identity and standards for the profession; and advocating relevant public policy and social change initiatives. AAACE is dedicated to the belief that lifelong learning contributes to human fulfillment and positive social change. AAACE envisions a more humane world made possible by the diverse practice of its members in helping adults acquire the knowledge, skills and values needed to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Susan is a member of all three Management Organizations which includes the National Association of Postmaster’s United States (NAPUS) for the U. S. Postal Service. She has often been both the featured speaker and business speaker for their events. She is the past Vice President (Retired) for the League of Postmasters and for the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) Branch 255 she has served on their Executive Board resigning from that post in January 2013.

She's worked as an internal consultant to help Postmasters & Plant Managers improve their work environments. Susan has received numerous awards for outstanding contributions to employee workplace improvement and humanizing employee engagement principles.

Advising, consulting, and counseling others is not automatic Susan has years of successful, practical, hands-on operational experience readily transferable to meet the needs of those seeking solutions. Some of Susan's qualifications are as follows:

  • Susan had fiscal responsibility for operations with an annual budget exceeding $54 million annually in salaries and benefits
  • She maintained administrative oversight for 304 employees while leading a subordinate managerial staff of over 20
  • Mrs. Warren held administrative charge over Labor Relations, Employee Relations, and Contract Compliance for employees represented by four major labor unions and management associations
  • She fulfilled daily service requirements for over 85K deliveries on over 150 routes. Involved in this need have been fleet management, time keeping, scheduling, and infinite contingency planning.
  • She has assured compliance with mandates regarding:
    • Safety, Injury Compensation, OSHA, and Personnel needs
    • Community Relations, Public interaction and speaking events
    • Customer relations, Marketing, and sales events
    • Environmental issues and efforts.
  • She has thousands of hours of experience with adult education, training, and personal development.
  • Susan has moderated numerous focus groups in the past ten years leading & facilitating successful outcomes. She is flexible also working with larger groups and one on one. Susan discovers the root cause of situations yet addresses symptoms and she has been inspirational in building strong cohesive teams.

Susan held the position of Manager Midwest Center for the Leadership and Development Institute where she had ultimate responsibility for the administration of managerial training for the thirteen states of the Central Region. She also served as the Manager of Training for the New Orleans Division and was the past Training Manager in the Peoria Illinois, Post Office.

Susie is also a member of the Spark Freelance Group of Peoria, IL. This group is made up of all different types of freelancers in the Peoria, IL area who meet to learn from each other in expanding their freelancing businesses.



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